Baywatch Movie Review (2.5/5)

Baywatch Movie Review (2.5/5)

- in Bollywood, delhi, International
  • Nirmal Mutha / Sansani Surag

Director: Seth Gordon

It’s a blatantly non-innovative, regressive film, this ‘Baywatch.’ Not to say there wasn’t scope for the promised summer fun – it has a stellar cast, including India’s very own Priyanka Chopra and Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock.

Two lifeguards, acting on the suspicion that the new owner of the Huntley Club (Priyanka) may be smuggling drugs and more, play detectives. The more they meddle, the more bodies pile up. There’s a lot of action, raunchy humour and bikini eye candy. But amidst the largely recycled non-jokes and a flippant storyline, the film is a shipwreck.



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