NUN allegedly raped in India

NUN allegedly raped in India

- in Crime, West Bengal
NUN allegedly raped in IndiaNUN allegedly raped in India

A 71 year old u raped at missionary school in Ranaghat in West Bengal’s Nadia district on Saturday when a group of almost five people crossed the wall of this convent.

The nun tried to prevent them from robbery but was attacked by the antisocial group and was raped. Then she was hospitalized in a very serious condition at Ranaghat hospital.

The men escaped with cash around 12 lakh rupees, police is searching for them and are left with the video footage to identify. Local people gathered there to strike local train for this incident (Sealdaha to Ranaghat) during some hours. According to some local people, due to the
strictness of sister with her staff and students, may be they are responsible for this incident.

On the other hand, State opposition party Congress and CPI(M) blame against the weakness of state security and police force. India has long history of tolerance for sexual violence, but this incident has really shaken all. It has again raised a question that when will this harassment stop in India.

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