Nasa’s Rover Mars Discovery & Large Hadron Collider!

Nasa’s Rover Mars Discovery & Large Hadron Collider!

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>Nasa’s Rover curiosity has discovered something strange that reveals presence of water. Mars Rover was deployed there for Nasa’s Mars exploration mission.

Rover, the robot tested some rocks in a mountain in mars. After the test it revealed a shocking result!

It unveiled multiple episodes of water flowing through these rocks! Mars Rover is now on a three mile long mountain slide.

It is testing dark side and light side of the mountain. When it was exploring dark side, scientists saw something strange, a wavy structures of rocks in some portion of that through the eyes of the robot Rover.

They commanded the Rover to test those rocks. The result was more shocking than it was expected to be. It revealed that mars had several periods of water flowing history.

It resembles the seven glacier periods of Earth. Now scientists in Nasa are trying to know the reason behind the present dry and environment of Mars.

Whether its possible to harvest it again or not. Planetary Science still have no answer for this.

>Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the costliest and biggest experimental facility built bu Human ever started again after two years.

You may have known it as proton smasher machine which started its journey in search of the God particle. LHC Project | Why it was started Large Hadron Collider is basically a international facility built by Cern.

It is built the European Space Agency, Cern to facilitate the experiment to search the ultimate question- How this universe is formed from a point after Big Bang.

Large Hadron Collider-Where it is LHC is built one hundred and twenty seven meter beneath of the ground, in the border of Switzerland and France.

The radius of the total facility is twenty seven kilometers! This giant eats huge electricity. Its one day consumption is equal to the consumption of electricity of Geneva city as a whole.

Just imagine! This sleeping giant is awaking again. Though it has started, protons will not start collide immediately.

It will take at least nine months! Yes, after feeding that much of electricity, protons will reach at the speed of light and collide with each other from the opposite side.

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