To become a Reporter/Journalist

Once you become a Reporter, Sansani surag will provide you an Identity card and an authorization to cover News and Advertisement in your area.

You can send your views/news and special coverage to the Sansani surag. You get the benefit of becoming a budding Media personality and can leverage this for your career or simply think of this as an alternate career.

For More information Contact on 7579070544,9997255597

To become our franchise and business partner

Terms and Conditions
1.Franchise Head will be associated with SansaniSurag.
2.Head of the franchise must be associated with the printing press for the printing of the news paper.
3.We will provide a portal of SansaniSurag from which he will post all news updates of his state .Portal will be the part of the advertising .
4.He will appoint reporters from his state.
5.He will do the newspaper distribution and its promotion.
6. He will give national advertisement for the newspaper and website.
7. He will only print the newspaper which will be authorized and submitted by the team of SansaniSurag. Team will submitted an e-copy of newspaper.

8.He will be the share partner of 40% in the national advertising on the website.
9 . Press card & authority letter will be issued to reporters by the team of SansaniSurag.

For more Information contact :- 7579070544